On March 10, 2023, the new tour of the National Circus Knie opened. As in previous years, the Circus is also on the road with JAC brand eSUV.

Logistics is an important challenge for a mobile company like Circus Knie. The Technical Director, Maycol Errani, is responsible for the vehicle fleet, logistics and technical installations on site around the Circus.

JAC brand E-SUVs are used for short trips or hanging the banderoles.

"Sustainability and environmental protection are also important for a circus. We are grateful for the support in e-mobility from JAC (Garage Auto Kunz AG)." says Maycol Errani. His wife Géraldine Knie adds: "The logistics simply have to work. A vehicle breakdown can quickly become the nightmare of a tour. We mainly want to take care of the entertainment of the audience, emotions and a spectacular show. In Kunz, we have found a partner in whom we have complete trust."

Adrian Büchler, CEO of Auto Kunz says: "The cooperation with Circus Knie has already lasted several years. We are proud to equip the most famous circus in Switzerland with our vehicles in the Auto-Abo model. We wish the Knie's family and team a successful tour!"

In the picture

Maycol Errani, Technical Director Circus Knie / Randy Scheibli, Marketing Manager Circus Knie / Adrian Büchler, CEO Garage Auto Kunz AG / Kevin Rimann, Product Manager Garage Auto Kunz AG / Kevin Baumann, Product Manager Garage Auto Kunz AG / Pia Hurni-Schmid, Marketing Manager Garage Auto Kunz AG

Swiss National Circus Knie

Come on in! Circus Knie has been one of the oldest and leading circus companies in Europe for over 200 years. Every year, the circus tours Switzerland with artists, animals and comedians, offering entertainment that spans generations. Visitors can expect a modern show full of joie de vivre and passion. The circus is run by the seventh generation of Géraldine Knie and husband Maycol Errani and Doris Knie. During the tour, the family-owned company from Rapperswil employs around 140 people. The show is currently performed by 58 artists from 9 different countries.

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