You have to look for an e-SUV with better value for money. The new JAC e-JS4 democratizes the electric age.

by Florian Schwab

Every technological revolution produces its pioneers. This also applies to electromobility, the current megatrend in the automotive sector. Step by step, the boundaries of what is possible are shifting toward ever greater comfort and functionality. Recent years have seen substantial progress in battery charging range, charging infrastructure and battery life.

Five years ago, purely electrically powered vehicles were still exotic. Today, the powerful, quiet electric cars are part of the normal street scene. With their torque that can be called up from a standstill, electric cars are democratizing the former luxury of peak acceleration. At traffic lights, even an electric delivery van makes some gasoline-powered cars look old.

With the Chinese car company JAC - phonetically pronounced like the English check with a slightly softened initial J - a new player is now entering the Swiss market for electric vehicles. Founded almost sixty years ago, the manufacturer builds over one million vehicles a year.


JAC's pioneering achievement is to make electric technology, which is still relatively expensive among competitors by comparison, more accessible. With a price of less than 36,000 Swiss francs, the JAC e-JS4 sets new standards in terms of cost efficiency for the more compact electric SUVs. "Until further notice, we are guaranteeing the pre-sale price of the e-JS4 despite rising import costs. In this way, we want to make our contribution to affordable electric mobility on Swiss roads," says the general importer Auto Kunz from Wohlen.

The JAC brand vehicles are available either directly from the general importer or through a tightly knit dealer network consisting of almost two dozen car dealers throughout Switzerland. Financing options available from Auto Kunz and some dealers include a car subscription or the revolutionary "try & buy" program throughout Switzerland: customers can test the electric SUV for three months and then decide whether to buy it without obligation.

In terms of technology, the customer does not have to make any major compromises despite the attractive price. The battery with a capacity of 65.7 kWh enables a range of up to 410 kilometers. Thanks to modern fast-charging technology, the electric SUV can be charged from 30 to 80 percent in less than forty minutes.

The JAC generates an impressive 193 hp (142 kW) from its electric motor. Even those who prefer a sporty driving style will get their money's worth here: pure electric driving pleasure. The 1.7-ton SUV can sprint from a standstill to 50 km/h in four seconds. 320 Newton meters are available for this, which ensures rapid progress.

The powerful recuperation, for which two stages are available, is a particular pleasure. In its more powerful operating mode, it noticeably extends the range, especially in city traffic or on mountainous routes.

In terms of equipment and comfort, the e-JS4 presents itself at the height of its time. The cockpit is simple, elegant and well thought-out. The generously sized touchscreen plays a key role in controlling the many functions. The car communicates seamlessly with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The standard rearview camera projects razor-sharp images. The materials used in the interior make a robust and high-quality impression. The comfortable leather seats prove ergonomic and pleasant even on long drives. Nothing rattles or clatters in the JAC e-JS4. And the interior dimensions predestine the electric SUV for the vast majority of everyday applications. The trunk holds a voluminous 520 liters or - with the rear seat folded - up to 1050 liters.

As economical as it is ecological

The manufacturer's ambition was to leave nothing to be desired even in the standard equipment. Cruise control is just as much a part of it as a panoramic roof, a 360-degree camera, DAB+, and height-adjustable and electrically heated seats. JAC has dispensed with a convoluted catalog of additional accessories in the interests of customer convenience and cost efficiency. Only the color is freely selectable; for the rest of the equipment, the basic configuration is comprehensively oriented to the current state of technology and convenience.

The JAC e-JS4 is particularly suitable for young families and as an electric guarantor of effortless mobility for anyone whose movement pattern does not consist of permanently driving long distances. Thanks to an energy label with a top "A" rating, the buyer of the electric SUV can drive into the future safely and prepared for all regulatory eventualities. Thanks to its consumer-friendly pricing combined with the preferential tax treatment of cars with zero carbon dioxide emissions, the JAC e-JS4 proves to be an equally economical and ecological solution - and offers a great deal of driving pleasure and comfort to boot.

The JAC e-JS4 is available in Switzerland at a list price of 35,989 Swiss francs. Further information on JAC's offer at